Nodalblock: turning blockchain into an industry, worldwide

Blockchain is trendy. Many are already talking about this utterly innovative technology. However, words are words… Only facts are relevant: turning the blockchain promise into a reality. This precisely is what Nodalblock does.

This company has taken the next step forward and is already developing products and useful tools based on the blockchain technology. Their goals are clear: build solutions that can be used in the real world, turn blockchain into an industry and provide an affordable service. They intend to make this technology available, in an effective and practical fashion, to the whole market. That is, implementing “Blockchain as a Service”, or BaaS.

And by market, they mean the global one. This company is based in Spain, but it is only one step away from being listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange. Nowadays, it already has sales teams in North America, with clients in Canada and the US; it has set up office in Central America and is working in South America with the Governments of Colombia and Peru, as well as being present in Bermuda and the Dominican Republic. In Europe, it is active in the Italian market and, as David Lanau, Nodalblock’s EMEA President, explains: “we already are qualified trust service providers within the EU. That means that our certificates, based on technology, carry legal certainty”.

There are two paths to access Nodalblock’s products: through Nodalwork, a blockchain pay per use web service platform, and by integrating their API REST in any system. These tools have allowed a growing number of clients to benefit from the information completeness and immutability offered by this technology. In fact, blockchain can be very useful for all companies, regardless of size or sector. Pilar Troncoso, Nodalblock’s Senior Vice President, says that they intend to, precisely, “answer the needs that many companies are beginning to identify, as well as developing the blockchain ecosystem and contributing to it. We strive to bring together all individuals and institutions that share the same goal: make this technology known and, of course, turn it into a business”.

Nodalblock’s management team explains it in this video


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